Our credit management training programmes provide the following benefits to the trainees:           

  • Being customer-focused by understanding and giving value to customers’ needs and behaviour when credit is granted;
  • Enhancing customer service through credit, thus building loyalty and long-term customer relationship;
  • Sustaining customer retention and attracting new customers by way of referral business;
  • Changing and maintaining the credit function into a profit centre rather than a cost centre;
  • Improving the internal relationship between the credit department and other business functions, especially the sales    team;
  • Simplifying marketing and sales processes by helping sales staff close more profitable business deals and sales;
  • Minimising credit risk due to better customer and market knowledge;
  • Being more efficient in taking credit decisions which will be supported by the sales team;
  • Increasing ‘profitable’ revenues, which would have a positive effect on the cash flow and long-term profitability of the  business;
  • Turning credit risk into credit rewards;
  • Managing the credit department effectively and efficiently.

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