Effective telephone techniques in cash collection

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand the principles of effective telephone communication in order to be able to better organise and manage telephone cash collection calls. This would result in better effective cash collection and sound cash flow management;
  • To understanding and apply two-way communication for better effectiveness;
  • To appreciate the benefits and limitations of telephone collections;
  • To apprehend the best telephone techniques in cash collection;
  • To understand how active listening helps in cash collection by telephone;
  • To identify and evaluate the reasons why customers pay late;
  • To conveying good impression over the telephone when collecting dues;
  • To gain good customer relationship when collecting money from customers;
  • To make use of positive physiology when calling our customers;
  • To understand the best ways to deal with various types of customers over the phone, including angry customers;
  • To establish how to deal with customers’ excuses when trying to get paid.

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