The success of tomorrow depends upon what you do today

  • Does your business have a clear and a written credit policy, which is supported and acceptable by all the internal stakeholders?
  • Does your credit department have structured processes and procedures to grant and manage credit in an effective and profitable manner?
  • Does the credit function help to gain and maintain a competitive advantage in the market?
  • Is the credit function a profit centre, contributing to the profit of the business?
  • Does your business organisation enjoy synergy between the sales and the credit teams?
  • Do your sales people understand clearly the importance of sound cash flow and the critical role of the credit function to your business?
  • Do you collect money from your customers effectively and efficiently?
  • Are your credit practitioners skilled to focus on customer satisfaction, long-term customer relationship, and customer retention, which are the key to secure repeat and profitable credit sales?
  • Did you ever invest in the skills and knowledge of your credit employees who are managing one of the largest assets of your business

If you have answered ‘NO’ to the above, contact us as we may help.