Synergy between the sales and the credit teams

Learning Objectives:

  • To highlight the importance of synergy between the Sales and the Credit Teams within an organisation;
  • To identify the reasons why it is important to create synergy between these two critical functions;
  • To clearly understand the roles of the sales and the credit functions in a given business context;
  • To appreciate what makes a successful salesperson and a competent credit practitioner;
  • To apprehend the common factors of sales and credit;
  • To develop the necessary tactics in order to build close ties between the sales and the credit teams;
  • To deploy internal marketing for internal relationship building between the two teams;
  • To understanding why credit sales cost money;
  • To deploy customer-focused credit sales culture to protect cash flow and profit;
  • To adopt “The Credit Sales Win-Win Cycle” theory within the business;
  • To understand why and how to share information between the two functions;
  • To establish how to Manage the Credit – Sales relationship.

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